Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Treat

Every chance the weather is sunny and I am surrounded by friends I make this dessert.
I made it in Florida during spring break and I made it again in June this summer.

Frozen Key Lime Pie!

I won't bother showing you how to make it because I snagged the recipe from my idol, Ina Garten. Here it is-- delish!

However, I will let you know that making the pie as advanced as possible (perhaps even the night before) is key because it takes a little while for the pie to freeze.

I was happy to discover that I already had much of the organic ingredients around the house and therefore, it was a very inexpensive, yet organic, summer treat.

{ And yes, unlike puff pastry, organic sweetened condensed milk does exist. In fact, before making this recipe I wasn't quite sure what sweetened condensed milk consisted of... But it is only milk that is dehydrated and sweetened! Not as if that means it's necessarily good for you...}

So seriously. Go make this uber refreshing, delicious, simple dessert tonight and enjoy it tomorrow!