Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unicorns & a Hidden Gem

Should I be studying? 
Or should I be eating chocolate and writing this blog?
Is there a right and a wrong? Is there a good and a bad?
Or is it all subjective?
...or am I sleep deprived?

So there's a reason for my craziness. I promise!
I just finished rushing for a sorority. 
Sorority? Morgan? What happened to you? 

No, inner-crazy-dialogue, these things are different @ NYU. People are actually super cool. And it's a penthouse instead of a house, so you know it's legit.
Oh okay, neat-o.

But anyways, through this process I learned about a very nifty place in New York City called 4th Street Co-op. 
Before I tell you all about it. Watch this video from their site. 
& if you don't think it's cool/funny/completely awesome.......well, I'll probably actually understand, but I still think it's all of those things and more.

This is probably an inconvenient time to be writing about this since the Co-op is closed this week...
But after the 8th, you & I must check out the 4th St Co-op. 
How do I describe this magical place?
My Communications class taught me to be direct today... So here I go:

Health food store.
Better than Whole Foods.
Very local.
Run by non-paid Members.

The 4th St Co-op also does not sell any organic product that is produced by a major corporation.
This includes Tom's toothpaste, Stonyfield Farms Yogurt, etc...

At first my inner-hippie was cheering for this stance. Yay! Supporting the little guy!
But then... I thought about it.

The organic industry is the little guy. It's an effort to replenish our bodies with real, natural, nutritious foods. Is it so bad that large corporations are backing this effort? Don't we want these products to be available to everyone? Not just those who happen to live in more liberal states?

Coming from Wichita, KS, I am so happy to see organic products in Wal-Mart.
I am happy to see Kellogg's buy and spread the Kashi culture.

But that's just plain ol' me and my plain ol' thoughts.
What are your thoughts?

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