Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunday, syrup, & love.

Sunday mornings...ahhh.
Seriously, "Sunday Morning" by Maroon 5 made me love Maroon 5. 
It just may be one of the best songs ever written. 
& now Maroon 5 is pumping out shit like "Moves Like Jagger"?!? Come on!
okay maybe I secretly like that song...
Still! Not okay!

I honestly don't go out on Saturday nights just so I can enjoy Sunday mornings.
I like to sit in my PJs til noon with a cup of coffee & an awesome playlist (like this one).
Best part, I never feel guilty.

This Sunday morning was special.
It went a little something like this...
Boom. French toast. 
Jealous yet?
Just wait...
My boyfriend made it for me!
I'm sorry, too far. Bragging isn't cool. But tis true. 

& yes. I ate this on the floor.
Broke, no furniture style. 

But for reals-
This French toast was nooo orrdinnarrryyy French toast.
However it wasn't one of those 32,482,689 step, fancy French toasts.
Sure, I've made those French toasts that include orange zest & all that jazz.
But this French toast was the TASTIEST, EASIEST French toast.
How many times can I say French toast?

 Did I mention my boyfriend is Hawaiian?
Sorry again.

Yes, this my friends was made with Punalu'u sweet bread. 
Or Hawaiian sweet bread if you're not from Hawaii...
I'm guessing it isn't organic.... Shhhh.
Here's the deal:
1) Cut the rolls up like you would a loaf of bread.
*This bread was frozen, thawed, & still delicious*
2) Dip both sides of the bread into an egg mixture (about 3 eggs, 3 tbspns of milk, & a pinch..or dump..of cinnamon).
3) Place the bread in a pan w/ heated, melted butter.
4) Flip after 2-3 mins. Take off after 2-3 mins on other side.
5) Enjoy!

The main actor in this play is the sweet bread. Don't let nutmeg or honey steal the show.
Just let the sweet bread shine.
It's so amazing.

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